Lord’s Gems’ Leveling Service

Thinking of starting over in a new kingdom and want to rush to T4 to dominate the kingdom during its whole protection phase?

We are the only business worldwide who is able to offer this service. We have a tremendous amount of experience in leveling Lords Mobile accounts from zero to hero in no time. We work extremely efficient which makes our service, despite the price, very economic.

No money is wasted by speeding up constructions and researches without full help bars. Obtaining materials to forge the mandatory equipment is the first step we take during this service.

The price you are paying are covering the gems, the resources, and the guild assistance we have to invest in getting to T4. There’s an additional fee if you want to have this job done within 24 or 12 hours.

All T4 leveling services include:

  • New Google account of choice
  • Heroic Fighter, Heroic Cannoneer, Ancient Drake Rider Unlocked.
  • 29 days Turf Club
    (25% Research/construction bonus)
  • All necessary buildings level 25
  • (On request all resource buildings and manors to 15) 
  • Level 60 | VIP Level 14
  • Gifting & Elite Labyrinth Unlocked
  • 3x Golden Centinel Circlets | 3x Golden Lunar Flutes
  • Lots of materials to forge your war gear.
  • Random variation of ATK jewels up to legendary
  • Golden Trickster | Golden Big guy ($275)
  • Construction and research Hell Events gifts
  • A random number of Watcher medals

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