1.12 Million Lords Mobile Gems




You are buying 1.120.000 Lords Mobile Gems in transferable items such as Acceleration (Speed-ups), Stamina (Bravehearts), Shields, Resources (wood, stone, food, ore, gold), VIP Points, Holy Stars, Lucky Tokens, and Monster Hunting Energy.
Visit the Gem Calculator to see the complete list of transferable items.

In order to experience a smooth transaction, you need to be in a live chat with us.
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Line-chat: LordsGems88

Order example:

200 x 24h speedup = 300,000
50 x Braveheart = 100,000
50 x Epic Material Chest = 150,000
220x Quest Scroll (guild) = 220,000
10x 5000 VIP Points = 50,000
10000x War Tome = 150,000
10000x Steel Cuffs = 150,000