Top 5 Mobile Games You Must Have Played In September 2019

Top 5 Mobile Games you must have played in September 2019

Apple and Android have all the games you want to play, whether you are transported to the barbaric times, or playing some games that challenge your intellect, you are bound to find a mobile game that will tickle your fancy and keep you busy when you are idle or need to relax.

Furthermore, if you are new to any of the operating system or a pro at searching for games, we have brought you some games that will not only keep you busy but we promise will be worth your time and attention. Just remember to keep your mobile devices charges to beat your record score and enemies.

Can we begin already?

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is your typical animation story of good versus evil and how you have to fight for the advantage of all against those that threaten your kingdom and space.

We love a lot of things in this mobile game; the graphics are vivid and very colorful. Immediately after downloading the game, you are dragged into the game world by how engaging and entertaining the game is.

However, Lords mobile is a game for bullies or rather how much of a bully you can be. The game set in an empire style setting requires players to fight their way through the different stages, build, join guilds and develop their army until you lose around.

Aside from that, the game is fun, it allows you to build and manage teams that give you an overall wonderful mobile experience. Furthermore, IGG, the maker of the game did a great job with the soundtrack (even though the game is amazing without the soundtrack), ability to navigate, and earn points on your way.

Download Lords mobile on android or iOS  here

PlayerUnknown Battleground PUBG Mobile

Well, if having full ammo in your hands and defending yourself to the death against 99 other people is fun, then PUBG is a game up your alley.

When PUBG first came out in 2017, the gaming world was agog by the graphics, the technicality; the hustle was just some of the reasons why we loved the game. However, we never thought that 2019 will see PUBG as a free game that was easily downloadable from Android and iOS.

Every player on PUBG is a mercenary who is dropped on a deserted island with a parachute alongside ninety-nine other people for a battle for the title of the last man/woman standing. As you play games, players scout the land for ammo, armor, and ammunition to help you target and eliminate your opponent.

If you are thinking, is that all?  No, the game comes with electric storms that destroy the island making it smaller; hence you have to device better way to eliminate your opponent without dying in the process, a case of Darwin theory if we must say. The game is really addictive, and the fact that you play with others ramps the fun 100 percent.

Download PUBG on Android and iOS here

Riptide GP: Renegade

Do you love water, speed, breaking the law, flips and winning; then get ready for the ultimate water challenge game by the guys that know how to make water sports look fun and thrilling, the Vector Unit.

The graphics, technicalities, and design of this game look so good on mobile that it looks literary impossible on a mobile game, but alas! it works and looks damn good too.

The concept and execution are perfect; the game is so addicted that it will leave you speechless after each stage. The story is racing thought inner-city waterway on a hydro jet that works both on land and in water. To make the game more interesting, the developers added the police unit that follows you around adding another level of difficulty.

Furthermore, you can split the screen and challenge your friends to the race around the city waterways.

Download Riptide GP on Android or iOS here

Fortnite Battle Royale

In this epic battle royale developed by Epic Games, Fortnite mobile has found great success on a global scale, and with more players that the developer anticipated, Fortnite is said to gross a total of 2.4 billion US dollar in 2018 making it the top-earning game for the year.

Well, we love Fortnite for the complexity, great graphics, storytelling, and the ability to put players in comprising positions where you need your mental sense to strategize and win. Although it takes time to build the structure to compete with the best.

Download Fortnite on Android and iOS here

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

A decade later and Minecraft is still a favorite among game lovers around the world. The Minecraft: Pocket Edition allows you to enjoy this game anywhere you are in the palm of your hand.

The game allows players to choose between modes – creative mode, survival mode, and multiplayer mode. Created by Markus Persson, a Swedish game developer and released in 2011 by Mojang, the idea of the game to build a variety of stuff in 3D. Minecraft is a fun game to share with friend and family. The game has excellent graphics, a great game for kids and adults alike.

Download Minecraft on Android and iOS here

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Ep

Sword & Sworcery is a beautiful game that masterfully blends good music, exceptional graphics, art, storytelling, and technology to provide games with gameplay shrouded in mysteries, enchantment, and adventure.

If you love adventures, and the abstract world of puzzling, magic and sorcery, then get ready to be pulled into a world with such definition and passion to unravel each chapter.

We love the game, its straightforward application, especially the eerie background soundtrack that helps exaggerate the dark underworld of magic.

Another reason is that it keeps you alert as you have to carefully observe your environment to clearly distinguish the image before you or fall in a trap.

Overall, Sword & Sworcery mobile game gets a 4.5 from us because of the excellent work that has gone into the game.

Download Sword & Sworcery’s on Android and iOS here

Mobile games are the biggest sellers in the video game market. In 2018, they grossed almost half of the total revenue in the industry.

While there are big sellers, newer games are taking the mobile option to give the player the best play experience right from their smartphones.