How to get an unlimited amount of Gems in Lords Mobile

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I Got Games don’t want you to know this trick and it’s really simple

Hi there! You landed on this page because you are looking for Lords Mobile gems. This trick will not only boost your turf, but also give you enough Lords Mobile gems to sell and make money of this.
This is how we do it!

What is the Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth is a special feature that will unlock once you discovered Skirmish 8. You need 100 Holy Stars to take 10% health from the monster. Each time you hit the monster you get rewarded. The items can vary from resourses and speed-ups to rare materials which are only obtainable by hunting monsters. Every time you kill the monster, there is a chance that a Gremling Boss will spawn. If you attack him with your Holy Stars you get gems on each hit. Once you killed the Gremling Boss, you will win the jackpot up to 1 million Lords Mobile gems.

You need money to make money

It’s obviously a fact that you need money to make money. This is the same rule that counts for chasing the Labyrinth jackpot. Our trick is really simple. You only have to wait until the jackpot is 800k Lords Mobile gems or higher. The chances of winning are exactly the same when the jackpot is 100k or less. So it’s a waste of your Holy Stars if you chase for lower jackpots.

How many Holy Stars do you need

You need to save up as many Lords Mobile gems and Holy Stars as you could. If you want to become a billion-might player or a Lords Mobile gems seller. You need to save up your Lords Mobile gems to be able to play the Labyrinth Elite. This is the same feature like the normal labyrinth but 10 times more expensive. So you will pay 1000 Holy Stars to hit the monster once. But the odds are even better now. You will get paid 11 times instead of 10.

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Mathematical breakdown and odds

The team of has done thousands of Labyrinth runs and kept all the data to create accurate statistics. A Gremling Boss will spawn 6% of the time. That is 1 out of 16.66 times after you kill a normal Labyrinth monster. From the moment you are fighting a Gremling Boss, your chances to hit the jackpot decreases to 4.5% That’s roughly 1 of 22 times.

So here is the math: 16.66×1000×22= 366.520 Holy Stars needed to win the jackpot. Multiply that number with 2 to know what it will cost in Lords Mobile gems. That’s 733.040 Lords Mobile Gems which are needed to win the jackpot. You can do this on and on. But keep in mind that the jackpot should be at least 800k gems or higher.

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How often does win the jackpot

We get this question asked very frequently, so I treat this question in this article right away. We win the jackpot like a production line in a factory. The number or daily wins vary from 5 to 20 times every single day. We are a team of 30 Lords Mobile fans and are growing rapidly. We are always looking for new members who are willing to earn extra money easily and join our forces. Contact us!

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