Gems for k710 and newer

Since the opening of kingdom k710, it is unfortunately no longer possible to send gems from open kingdoms to protected kingdoms. However, only at we have a solution to this challenge and are we able to give our clients a huge advantage over their opponents for much less money.

Did you already link your Lords Mobile account to your personal Google, Gamecenter, or Facebook account? If you think ‘yes’. Your account will have no sell value. You need to provide your personal account details if you want to sell your Lords Mobile account to us, or someone else. And that’s what you don’t want. Right?

We recommend starting over with a new universal Google account if you are willing to invest in the game and want to expect some money back when you are finished playing the game.

We can only send gems to a brand new account just once.
Do you need answers to your questions? Please send us a message.

A few facts:

  • Roughly 4.5 million gems in speedups needed to reach T4
  • 24h speedups are used to train T3 and 3d speeds ups to train T4
  • 730.000 VIP points are needed to reach level 14 and unlock unlimited Braveheart usage and Unlimited Hero medal hunting
  • 110 Bravehearts are needed to upgrade 1 hero to gold.
  • Admin quests contains a lot of experience and materials to upgrade your Lunar flutes to gold which will increase your research speed

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