100k Lords Mobile Gems (Might 990-1090m)


Change quantity if you need 200k or more gems.

Only buy this package if you are between
400 and 499 million might

Become the most feared and respected player of your kingdom. This package will help you complete large researches and train a legion of troops in no time.

Total Sold: 1


You are buying 100.000 Lords Mobile Gems in transferable items such as Acceleration (Speed-ups), Stamina (Bravehearts), Shields, Resources (wood, stone, food, ore, gold), VIP Points, Holy Stars, Lucky Tokens, and Monster Hunting Energy.
Visit the Gem Calculator to see the complete list of transferable items.

Order example:

20 x 24h speedup = 30,000
5 x Braveheart = 10,000
5 x Epic Material Chest = 15,000
11x Quest Scroll (guild) = 11,000
1x 5000 VIP Points = 5,000
1000x War Tome = 15,000
1000x Cuffs = 15,000