Terms of Service GER

1. Payments

1.1 Payments are done via PayPal, Creditcard, iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact przelewy24, ING Homepay, Giropay and Belfius. All payments are processed instantly.

2. Delivery

2.1 Delivery Gems
The requested items will be delivered through guild gifting. We can join your guild if you are an R4. Otherwise you have to join our guild to receive your order. We can not send GEMS. See the complete list of the giftable items here: lmgem.net

2.2 Delivery Resources
In order to deliver resources we only need to be in the same guild. We will migrate to your kingdom and relocate to your location. If you ordered resources but you are in a protected kingdom. We will send gems with the rates of our 106k pack instead.

2.3 Delivery time
The delivery time usually takes up to 30 minutes during the business time of our sellers. International Internet Services functions as a bridge between buyers and sellers. We work hard to fulfill smooth transactions.

3. Miscleanous

3.1 Selling Gems or other resources is against the terms of service by the creator of the game. We are not responsible for any losses that your purchase might have caused.

3.2 International Internet Services does not Sell Gems and Resources or promote selling those in the game client.