The winning strategy you must read before playing Lords Mobile


Lords Mobile is a comprehensive war game with many strategies to learn to play games at the highest cost and time. All the great players regretted the mistakes they made at the beginning of the long journey. We are here to show you the perfect route to take in the early stages.


The first thing you should do is join a guild. The guilds benefit from free gifts, guild coins, and help. 1 help is equal to 1%, the time of construction and research is reduced by at least 1 minute. If you want to spend some money on the game, you will notice that you will quickly exceed your guild. Try joining a guild with a base. This guild has titles that can be distributed to its members. Administrative headings such as rapid construction, research, gathering and training can be used. In addition, the title of the attack will be shared among the members. But I suggest playing quite passively in the early stages of the game.


Buy Speedups to train troops faster

The troops want to die! There are 4 levels of troops in the game. The first tier is very weak and the fourth tier is very powerful but difficult to obtain. There’s a trick to keeping your first tier army alive! You only have to train archers of tier 1. They cause a lot of damage and they will not be hit. Fronts such as infantry and cavalry will be affected for the first time and will require more health. So when you unlock tier 3, start training your front line.

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Buy Speedups to research faster

Do not spend a second studying your defense of the wall. This is useless and wastes your precious time. The first weeks focus on economic research, especially construction and gathering. You want to build your castle to level 25 as soon as possible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is necessary to find materials to forge useful gears for faster development.


Buy Speedups to build faster

The building is very simple, with some exceptions. Lords Mobile allows you to build 12 resource buildings. Food, wood, stone and mineral are the options. You should only focus on a resource that is not food. We call it “hyper”. Each advanced player will focus on one resource. I’m a hyper ore!
In addition to the resources, there are three other buildings to choose from. Barracks, infirmary and manor. You only have to build 1 Barrack because it will only increase the number of troops you can train at the same time. Does not increase training speed. The manor will increase your training speed, so you should concentrate on filling the lawn only with the manors. Until you have millions of troops and are ready to fight. Then, you must demolish all your properties and replace it with infirmaries to get more “bed” capabilities, so that more troops can be injured instead of dying.
Your castle is level 25. Which building should you improve at level 25? This is the workshop! The level 25 study unlocks your third accessory slot



Buy material Chests to upgrade your gear to legendary

There are two ways to obtain the necessary material for a forged equipment. Use guild coins to collect and buy management tasks. You must first focus on the construction and research of equipment. To find out what equipment you need, visit the studio and filter the building or study. There are 2 accessory gears which are overpowered. Centinel’s Circlet is used for construction boost and lunar flute for research improvements. These are the two main priorities that you must upgrade to the legendary level as soon as possible. Remember, you can use 3 of them at the same time!


Buy Bravehearts to level-up your heroes.

There are two types of heroes. Administration and logistic heroes. The administration heroes will permanently improve your turf. It is not necessary to use them as leaders or put them on the wall. The first hero you must update to legendary is Trickster. When upgrading to gold, this small guy will add a 25% boost of research to your turf. But remember, he is an administration hero, so you do not have to use him as a leader to benefit from his ascension. In fact, if you use it as a hero, it looks weak. Invite top players to attack you.

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